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Author Lucian Bane

Bayou Bishops--The Bat King--Nitro

Bayou Bishops--The Bat King--Nitro

Our beloved Nitro has gotten in a mess with the BATS! 

Enjoy the lyrics that tell the story.

Lyrics written by Lucian Bane

Vocals and Music produced by Lucian Bane in 



[Verse 1]

I'll never hurt the one I love,

Even when I draw her blood.

With teeth I kill,

If you get in my way

In deadly passion, we are made.


[Verse 2]

 She doesn't know her love for pain commands my power unlocks my cage,

My dark little flower her lust I fulfill in my witching hour she's my favorite kill.


[verse 3]

In the depths of the swamp my bats obey, my will, is power, it lusts to slay

Fury and blood runs through my veins,

Her deepest lusts, my lethal game


[verse 4]

Her touch is my collar her blood is my fire,

I protect from the shadow kill all who conspire.



In the darkest swamp a new terror sings

of a new breed of man

I'm The Bat King

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